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From an intimate gathering on a luxury catamaran to extravagant multi-day celebrations on a yachts in Dubai offers spectacular possibilities for unforgettable weddings. With year-round sunshine, breathtaking seaside backdrops, and a vibrant, multicultural ambiance, it’s no wonder Dubai is increasingly popular for destination nuptials. If you’re planning the wedding of your dreams, hosting it on a yachts in Dubai should be at the top of your list. 

In this blog post, we’ll walk through everything you need to know to plan the ultimate yacht wedding in Dubai, from choosing the perfect boat to handling all the legalities. Read on for inspiration and expert tips that will have you saying “I do” under the stars on the glittering Arabian Sea.


Choosing Your Yachts in Dubai

The first step is choosing the right yachts in Dubai as your floating ceremony and reception venue. With options ranging from sleek sailing yachts in Dubai  to sprawling multi-level superyachts capable of carrying hundreds of guests, you’ll want to consider:

– Guest count: Determine your estimated number of guests, as yachts in Dubai have varying capacity limits. Intimate boats may accommodate just 20 people while large charter yachts can host events for 300+ attendees. 

– Style and amenities: From traditional dhow boats to ultra-modern catamarans, Dubai’s yachts come in an array of shapes and styles. Consider amenities like outdoor event spaces, hot tubs, luxurious lounging areas and water toys for an extra “wow” factor.

– Budget: Yachts in Dubai rental rates vary greatly depending on size, prestige, included crew and facilities. Be transparent about your budget so yacht brokers can match you with appropriate options.

 – Duration: Decide if you want a few hours celebration or multi-day charter. Short sunset cruises typically cost under $10,000 while week-long bookings can surpass $500,000.

You’ll also want to book your yacht at least 6 months out if possible, especially for peak wedding seasons. The best yacht in Dubai brokers strong relationships with luxury boat owners in Dubai and can guide you to spectacular options tailored to your wedding.


Planning the Perfect Yacht Wedding Itinerary 

One of the best parts of having a yacht wedding is completely customizing your big day on the water. You dictate the schedule, route and activities while relying on the yacht’s captain and crew to flawlessly execute your vision. Consider incorporating:

Ceremony Backdrops: Exchange vows against picture-perfect scenes like the Dubai Marina skyline, Palm Jumeirah or Burj Al Arab hotel. Many boats also have onboard ceremony spaces with flowery arches, altars and sound systems.

Reception Activities: Treat guests to live music, catered dinner buffets, extravagant cakes, champagne toasts, DJ sets, dancing under the stars and more. Yachts in Dubai make wonderful reception venues.

Water Fun: Thrill guests via onboard water slides, water toys like paddleboards and kayaks, or exotic post-reception snorkeling trips. The options for aquatic adventure are endless!

Overnight Stays: Multi-day charters allow you, your new spouse and closest friends/family to embark on a mini-honeymoon voyage post-reception, anchored in secluded coves.

No matter your plans, your yacht captain and crew will help actualize even your most ambitious visions while following maritime rules and regulations.


Legalities and Documentation

Before your fabulous yachts in Dubai affair, be sure you check off all legal requirements for Dubai weddings:

Marriage License: Partners must obtain a marriage license through the courts after showing necessary documents like passports and birth certificates. 

Documentation Authentication: Documents provided must get approved via your home country consulate as well as the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visas: Overseas wedding guests may need pre-arranged UAE tourist visas while the bride/groom require sponsorship letters from UAE residents to get marriage visas.

While this bureaucratic preparation can be tedious, reputable yachts in Dubai companies and wedding planners in Dubai specialize in guiding couples through the process from start to finish. Some even provide wedding concierge services assisting with every detail.


The Fun Factor: Why Yachts Make Ideal Wedding Venues

Beyond checking items off your to-do list, it’s important to step back and get excited about how incredible and memorable your big day on a luxury charter yacht will be. Yachts in Dubai  make for joyful, convenient, Instagram-worthy wedding venues thanks to:

Scenic Settings: From your ceremony backdrop to reception views, yachts in Dubai  provide nonstop eye candy with perspectives of Dubai you can’t get anywhere else. A picture-perfect postcard scene awaits around every corner.

Built-In Amenities: Yachts have nearly everything you need onboard already – kitchens, dining areas, lounge spaces, sound systems – minimizing external rentals. Many boats also have flashy lighting and decor built-in.  

Travel Convenience: Say goodbye to stressful venue transfers. Guests embark once then enjoy everything from getting ready, the ceremony, cocktails, reception and overnight accommodations without setting foot back on land!

Unique Experience: For many overseas visitors and Dubai locals alike, a luxury yacht remains a novel setting. The wow-factor will have everyone raving for years.

Ultimate Customization: Within their technical limits, yacht crews lets you completely personalize your schedule, guest experience, activities, menus and more. Make your wildest wedding dreams come true!


Yacht Wedding Costs Breakdown

Chartering a yacht for your wedding doesn’t come cheap. However, given all the benefits outlined above and the fact that it eliminates many other venue expenses when hosted on land, it can actually be a smart investment, especially for larger guest counts. You’ll want to budget for:

 – Yacht Charter: The base cost starts around $2,000 for small vessels then climbs into the 6 and 7-figures for superyachts holding 200+ people. Charter costs correlate directly with boat size, prestige and duration.

 – Catering & Booze: Expect to pay at minimum $100 per guest for catered meals and open bar services. Multi-course plated dinners and premium bottles quickly increase costs.

 – Crew: From required captain and chef fees to optional servers/bartenders, crew tips are encouraged and important to account for in your budget.

 – Decorations & Floral: Even luxury yachts require event styling and installations like flower arrangements, lighting, linens, etc. Prices vary widely based on extent of decor.

 – Entertainment/Music: Consider extras like DJs, live bands, violinists or other performers to amplify the festivities. This can run from $1,000 – $10,000+.

 – Photography/Video: Professional wedding documentation runs $3,000 – $10,000 depending on duration of coverage, number of shooters, etc.

Just like venues on land, overall costs for yacht weddings in Dubai vary tremendously depending on each couple’s vision, guest count and extra amenities. The sky’s the limit when hosting your celebration with a view!


Finding Your Dubai Yacht Wedding Expert

The array of spectacular yachts for events, tangled web of legalities, complex itineraries and high costs underscores the importance of having knowledgeable experts guide you through planning a wedding on the water. Connect with a reputable yacht charter brokerage dedicated specifically to weddings like Xclusive Yachts. 

Their seasoned team offers stress-free support including:

– Access to appropriate luxury yachts vetted for weddings

– Guidance navigating all legal/documentation requirements 

– Customizable menus, entertainment, decor & activities 

– On-the-day coordination upholding your vision

– Guaranteed transparency and service excellency  

With all the boxes checked thanks to your yacht in Dubai maestro handling logistics behind the scenes, you’re freed up to simply relax and soak up all the joy on your special day looking out over Dubai’s sparkling seascape.


Say I Do at Sea in Dubai!

A luxury yacht wedding in Dubai delivers novel excitement, convenience and customization opportunities no land venue can match. With a hand-selected charter boat serving as your floating palace, you’re all set to exchange vows then dance the night away under a canopy of stars blessed by calm Arabian Sea breezes.

Bring your wedding vision to life with the knowledgeable team at Xclusive Yachts behind you! Browse our world-class fleet of event yachts in Dubai  ready to provide the ultimate backdrop as you celebrate your love and say “I do” on the magical waters of Dubai!


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